Our Mission

Learn more about the Crater Training Academy Foundation (CTAF)

The Crater Training Academy Foundation (CTAF) has been officially designated as an IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Never heard of this organization?  Likely, you have heard of the Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) which serves as a regional training academy for approximately 34 law enforcement member agencies, and more than ten non-member or contractual law enforcement agencies. 

CCJTA also offers courses in other public safety areas such as emergency medical services (EMS).

With funding sources continuing to decrease in our economy, the Training Academy decided to “think outside the box” in their realm and seek to create a separate organization that allows for grants to be obtained and for individuals who care about public safety to donate to the training of our local public safety employees with the ability to receive a tax deduction.

The mission of the Crater Training Academy Foundation is to support education and training opportunities of the Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA).

As we are all aware, public safety employees, specifically law enforcement personnel, have been highly publicized in the media and many times the way an officer is trained or the training that is being received or not being received is being judged based on their actions.

Since 2001, regional academies from across the state have dealt with reductions in revenues that have left a marked decrease in operating revenue and dwindling resources from each affected academy. In this same time the population of law enforcement has increased as has what law enforcement has been asked to do in the times in which we live. The academies are primarily funded from the dues received from member and non-member agencies and from the General Fund and Special Fund of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In one selected period, from FY 2002 to FY 2015, General Fund appropriations from the state decreased from $1,188,970 to $480,000.

Also, since CCJTA is derived from the Code of Virginia as a Political Subdivision, there are many grants and other funding opportunities that are not accessible to this type of organization.

Crater Training Academy Foundation (CTAF) is embarking on a campaign to fund quality and top tier education and training for our public safety personnel in the region.

This initiative is not just for current and future training of our law enforcement professionals but also our fire and emergency medical service professionals. This organization will open doors and opportunities for the application of grants and for donors to give towards the education and training of the men and women who serve them every day. The education and job training received by these professionals can enhance our overall quality of life, safe guard of our property, and protection of our businesses.

This bold, new initiative for funding top tier education and training needs to gain monetary support from our businesses, residents, and leaders in our region.  A true partnership between public safety personnel and our regional communities, is built on a solid foundation of teamwork and commitment among key leaders in business, civic organizations, and residents in the cities of Colonial Heights, Emporia, Hopewell and Petersburg, and the counties of Amelia, Charles City, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Greensville, New Kent, Powhatan, Prince George, Southampton, Surry and Sussex.

Since 2005, CCJTA has resided at 6130 County Drive in Prince George County. The academy is located on a 120-acre parcel of land and includes a firing range on site.

However, the number of professionals trained in the academy building has increased since 2005 and the site does not currently have a driver training track. 

CTAF wants your assistance in creating quality and top tier education and training. CTAF is committed to assist in funding the following education and training objectives for the Academy with your help.

CTAF cannot achieve our challenging goals of funding top tier quality education and training for public safety professionals without your financial support. 

We will be having events and fundraisers and the CTAF Board of Directors hopes you will attend and become a partner in our endeavor to fund the opportunity for our regional public safety personnel to receive the best training and educational opportunities so they can better serve our regional communities.

Thank you for your consideration.